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What is my commission?

The Commission Structure:

1-299 Sales (Bronze) = 15%
300-599 Sales (Silver) = 20%
600-999 Sales (Gold) = 25%
1000+ Sales (Platinum) = 30%
MLM Level 1 Sales = 5%

Example: You are Platinum, you have someone under you that is a Platinum they get a sale for $100, they will make $30 from that sale and you will get 5% of that. If you were to make a sale for $100 you would take $40 in commission!

Glori Blends is generous because unlike most affiliate programs, our commission percentage rolls over, so no matter what eventually you will be at the top tier (Platinum). We do require you to make at least 10 sales a month to keep your current level.

Referral Tracking

Coupons: All of our Affiliates will be given their own unique coupon that is tied into their affiliate account, so anytime someone uses that coupon, they will get the commission.

Affiliate Link: Our Affiliates are also given a special URL that when a customer clicks on it and ends up purchasing from our website, that affiliate will get the commission

Friendly Links: This will allow our affiliates to have a word of their choosing as their affiliate link. This can be helpful for affiliate who has a good reputation and have people that only buy from them. It also looks much more pleasing than the default one.


90 Day Cookies: All of our affiliates referral visit cookies last for 90 days, so if they come back within that time frame and purchase, you will get the credit.

This is how we ensure that you get all the commission that you deserve. The last thing we want is an Affiliate’s commissions not being tracked correctly, so we take extra precautions to make sure you get your commission. 


  • Payouts are made once a month ($100 minimum).
  • The 1st of each month – Payments will be last months commissions.
  • If payment day falls on a weekend, payment would be made the following Monday.
  • Payments will be done via check mailed to address given upon sign up, until further notice.

Affiliate Support

We pride ourselves on not just having the best support for our customers, but also for our affiliate team. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or the live chat on our website. Someone from our support team will be able to answer any question you may have. 

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