Step One

The first step to creating our whole plant hemp products is extracting cannabinoids, terpenes and other beneficial products from the plant. By collecting all of components from the hemp plant, our products contain all of the advantages from this miraculous plant.

Cannabinoids are active chemical compounds found in hemp and are closely related to chemicals in the body. Terpenes are naturally occurring essential oils that give hemp and other plants their unique tastes and aromas. Together, cannabinoids and terpenes work together in a synergistic relationship called the “entourage effect.” In essence, the two groups of compounds boost and enhance the effects in the body. Hemp is a wonderful source of omega fatty acids, which is great for cardiovascular health, increased energy and a reduction in inflammation.

Step Two

After the initial extraction, our hemp oil is mixed into a carrier. For our 1500mg tinctures, we offer a smooth coconut oil or sweet agave nectar option. Both carriers have health benefits and allow for taste preferences. Specific terpene blends are added to the hemp oil and carrier to focus on supporting health goals further. Each terpene is carefully selected for its therapeutic properties and boost the existing terpene profile in hemp.

Step Three

To ensure the highest quality and consistency in our products, we invest in third party testing. The lab results clearly show the cannabinoids and the amount of those compounds. The test also includes a breakdown of our proprietary terpene blends. Our goal is to ensure that every product is the same from order to order while achieving the best results possible. Clean, safe products are always our priority!