The Flavory Debate

Our 1500mg tinctures are available in two bases, agave and coconut oil. These tinctures only contain the base, the whole plant hemp oil, and terpenes. Below, a description of each base is explored:

Blue Agave

The agave syrup is naturally sweet and has a consistency similar to honey. Since we are mixing a syrup with an oil (whole plant hemp), color and texture variations, along with separation, throughout the product are normal. Crystallization is a natural occurrence as well. The taste can be experienced as slightly “spicy” by some. If this is the case, the spice can be neutralized by mixing with honey.

Coconut Oil

With the coconut oil, we are mixing two oils so they blend seamlessly without the variations of the agave. The coconut oil is smooth and mild, with no added flavorings. For those who love the taste of coconut oil, this is the perfect choice!

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