Alyssa C.

Here’s my experience so far with CBD! started taking it regularly about 6-7 months ago after a patient’s mother asked me about it and we had exhausted all other options. I wanted to make sure it was safe and knew very little about it other than hear-say or claims of health benefits that I honestly assumed at the time were not backed by science and more pro-legalize marijuana media driven. So I read pretty obsessively through the research published on cannabinoids at first, specifically on use in cancer treatment, then I couldn’t stop reading…. about their role in maintaining balance in the body, in our nervous system, its pain relieving properties… I was blown away by the outcomes and evidence supporting its benefits in the literature. I was shocked- mostly because the concept wasn’t new at all, just new to me and I couldn’t believe we weren’t using it regularly in medicine or at least talking about it. I started taking it at that time more so as a test to see how it affected me… if there were any unwanted effects …what dose was right.. etc. before suggesting anything to my patients or bringing the idea to my peers. Initially, I noticed a difference in my mood, I felt balanced and naturally more joyful. After two weeks or so I noticed I was thinking on my toes- my mental clarity was better than I could remember it ever being. My experience with it was safe, I didn’t have any side effects I could attribute to taking CBD. I’ve also had insomnia for years and nothing has worked for me in the past other than sleep medication- which didn’t keep me asleep or have me wake up feeling rested. I hadn’t noticed a consistent improvement in my sleep with the CBD I was taking and had been on a 5 day no sleep streak when Lori gave me hers to try. I slept that night the best I have in years dreamed and woke up actually feeling rested. I’ve been using the CBD for sleep formula since and most nights can fall asleep within 30 minutes or sooner instead of 2-3 hours… If I wake up at 3am I take it again and can fall right back to sleep. I’m grateful to have something natural that works to support my body and mind in resting and recovering. Thank you Lori for making these blends available and for sharing the research.


I’m excited to see CBD in the spotlight.. the more awareness the better!