Casandra T.

I wanted to take some space to share my experience over the past week, utilizing Glori Blends full spectrum cbd nutrient support.

I have been lightly researching cbd brands for a number of months. I never bought a bottle, though I did consider some of the bigger names, like Charlotte’s Web… when I saw Lori Reyes DeSanti post her story I KNEW this would be the one- I had coached Lori, AND coached WITH Lori in the leadership program called Masterful Living, and our connection was powerful- I knew she was suffering from sleeplessness, and when I heard she was REALLY SLEEPING, I was floored.

Last week, I started supplementing with an Anti-Depressant blend. Early in the week, I plunged into an incredible stressful personal and business scenario- I needed to find a new venue for my flagship event, Florida Flow Fest (scheduled within 3 weeks) or change the date. I have been running this festival for 6 years, and I had hundreds of people to reorganize due to this sudden discovery of a significant problem with my main event venue. WHOA.

Here’s what I can say definitively- using this product as nutrient support allowed me to stay in FLOW and completely avoid dramatic emotional responses as the week unfolded. Yes, I had some trouble sleeping, but that’s to be expected. I was clear headed, focused, and cheerfully digesting this challenge, whereas otherwise I likely would have been a weepy, self-sabotaging wreck. AND I believe I made better choices than I would have if I were PURELY REACTING.

Thanks for this, Lori(Glori Blends) Let’s get it out there.