Jody O.

What I Love most about this CBD is the combination of CBD and terpenes. We have one called BLISS that has added terpenes That help ease and relieve depression and anxiety. That combined with the benefits of CBD are amazing. You will love how it tastes also. Each bottle has 40 dropper full and this is CBD straight from the hemp plant!!! So pure with no added chemicals at all!!!

so I just want to post on my experience thus far with the CBD oil.

I’ve slept sound for several nights in a row so far. I wake up feeling great, not groggy or foggy minded at all. At first I laid in my bed and thought.. hmm I don’t feel all that pain and Id move around trying to see if it was really there or not.

I’m astounded at the results and beyond excited to share this with anyone who will listen. Sleep is so valuable, our bodies do so much while we sleep that this will be life changing for so many.

I tried the Focus bottle one day at work and I got shit done.. I felt clear headed and ready to go.. I left work after a full day and continued to stay present with my agenda for that afternoon and what a productive day. I wasn’t sure what to expect and Ill keep trying to really be present with my experience with this and see just how it helps me.

I’m looking forward to this journey !!! Thanks GloriBlends.