Sivan F.

I use the Bliss blend at least 3 times a week to manage my mood swings; depression; anxiety; menstrual cramps (currently using for this right now); and so, so much more. This stuff has replaced a lot of my compulsive behavior. I read somewhere in something Lori Reyes DeSanti posted about it increasing the effectiveness of SSRIs—I feel this is super accurate. I don’t “feel” my meds anymore, after being on them for 8 years. The Bliss CBD oil makes me feel like SOMETHING is working. Using the CBD oil has helped me abstain from compulsive and/or destructive behaviors because I am able to calm down and reroute my behaviors. I’m so glad this stuff exists. I don’t know how I survived before. I am eternally grateful. I have a solution! Before, my moods would leave me hopeless; my depression consumed me without a solution. Today, I know new peace because of Glori Blends CBD oil. Peace I never thought possible. Thank you!