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Benicio F.

I’ve been taking the CBD oil for ten days now. Back in August, while traveling I pulled my upper back muscle, at the moment I didn’t pay too much attention to it, I was “busy” and handling it until the pain became too much that I went to the doctor. After my first session of physical therapy and the news that it will take a while, I contacted Lori(Glori Blends). I’m so glad I did. I talked to Lori and Chris; they explained the benefits and the source of the oil. I got the Terpene enhanced for pain; I took the first night and slept profoundly, forgot to mention that in the last couple of weeks, I was waking up with pain in the middle of the night, and having a hard time going back to sleep, I never had that issue before. I can sleep anytime, anywhere. By the afternoon of the next day after my first dose of CBD oil, the pain went down 60%, and since then, I’m experiencing less and less pain and more importantly my back feels relaxed. Even though I never have any issues with sleeping, I notice that I sleep deeply, and rarely waking up in the middle of the night since taking the oil. The flavor is pleasant, with a thick agave taste, and a tolerable aftertaste of leafs. It works like magic! Helps to relax and sleep better. Highly recommended.

October 16, 2017

Jody O.

What I Love most about this CBD is the combination of CBD and terpenes. We have one called BLISS that has added terpenes That help ease and relieve depression and anxiety. That combined with the benefits of CBD are amazing. You will love how it tastes also. Each bottle has 40 dropper full and this is CBD straight from the hemp plant!!! So pure with no added chemicals at all!!!

so I just want to post on my experience thus far with the CBD oil.

I’ve slept sound for several nights in a row so far. I wake up feeling great, not groggy or foggy minded at all. At first I laid in my bed and thought.. hmm I don’t feel all that pain and Id move around trying to see if it was really there or not.

I’m astounded at the results and beyond excited to share this with anyone who will listen. Sleep is so valuable, our bodies do so much while we sleep that this will be life changing for so many.

I tried the Focus bottle one day at work and I got shit done.. I felt clear headed and ready to go.. I left work after a full day and continued to stay present with my agenda for that afternoon and what a productive day. I wasn’t sure what to expect and Ill keep trying to really be present with my experience with this and see just how it helps me.

I’m looking forward to this journey !!! Thanks GloriBlends.

October 31, 2017

Alyssa C.

Here’s my experience so far with CBD! started taking it regularly about 6-7 months ago after a patient’s mother asked me about it and we had exhausted all other options. I wanted to make sure it was safe and knew very little about it other than hear-say or claims of health benefits that I honestly assumed at the time were not backed by science and more pro-legalize marijuana media driven. So I read pretty obsessively through the research published on cannabinoids at first, specifically on use in cancer treatment, then I couldn’t stop reading…. about their role in maintaining balance in the body, in our nervous system, its pain relieving properties… I was blown away by the outcomes and evidence supporting its benefits in the literature. I was shocked- mostly because the concept wasn’t new at all, just new to me and I couldn’t believe we weren’t using it regularly in medicine or at least talking about it. I started taking it at that time more so as a test to see how it affected me… if there were any unwanted effects …what dose was right.. etc. before suggesting anything to my patients or bringing the idea to my peers. Initially, I noticed a difference in my mood, I felt balanced and naturally more joyful. After two weeks or so I noticed I was thinking on my toes- my mental clarity was better than I could remember it ever being. My experience with it was safe, I didn’t have any side effects I could attribute to taking CBD. I’ve also had insomnia for years and nothing has worked for me in the past other than sleep medication- which didn’t keep me asleep or have me wake up feeling rested. I hadn’t noticed a consistent improvement in my sleep with the CBD I was taking and had been on a 5 day no sleep streak when Lori gave me hers to try. I slept that night the best I have in years dreamed and woke up actually feeling rested. I’ve been using the CBD for sleep formula since and most nights can fall asleep within 30 minutes or sooner instead of 2-3 hours… If I wake up at 3am I take it again and can fall right back to sleep. I’m gratefulto have something natural that works to support my body and mind in resting and recovering. Thank you Lori for making these blends available and for sharing the research.


I’m excited to see CBD in the spotlight.. the more awarenessthe better!

November 6, 2017

Yvette F.

I could not sleep well before I started to take the Glori Blends CBD oil, I am now sleeping like a baby lion. I am also some who was told at 62, I had ADHD, lol! I was put on adderall, which I took for one month, because I felt like I was having a heart attack. I felt if I changed my life, I would not be so scattered. When I received the CBD oil for FOCUS. I was blown away the first day. Not only did I stay focused, but also had more energy. The product is pure and truly works. I have order the product now to be a distributor, since I 100 percent believe in the product. I plan to start promoting the products after the New Year. Very amazing product.

November 17, 2017

Kristin L.

I’ve been taking Thrive for inflammation in my lower back area, where I have a herniated disc. I work out regularly with functional fitness programs and my favorite workout is anything with a kettle bell. This can be challenging for me and I tend to get a lot of pain in the lumbar and hip area but this does seem to work as much if not more so the regular anti-inflammatory I sometimes take. I’m 6 mos into a serious workout program and about to increase my weight and reps in Russian kettle bell swings and squats. I am now having no pain in the lower back at all.

November 30, 2017

Nancy A.

I used the GloriBlends salve on Jimmy’s neck last night. Within a few minutes, he said he was feeling relief. He woke up and said it helped tremendously with the pain and “crunchies” (a term many massage therapists are familiar with. LOL) … he even reported sleeping better and  barely used any. It requires a very small amount for localized pain relief … I will use again today and let you know. Good bye bio-freeze.

January 14, 2018

Sivan F.

I use the Bliss blend at least 3 times a week to manage my mood swings; depression; anxiety; menstrual cramps (currently using for this right now); and so, so much more. This stuff has replaced a lot of my compulsive behavior. I read somewhere in something Lori Reyes DeSanti posted about it increasing the effectiveness of SSRIs—I feel this is super accurate. I don’t “feel” my meds anymore, after being on them for 8 years. The Bliss CBD oil makes me feel like SOMETHING is working. Using the CBD oil has helped me abstain from compulsive and/or destructive behaviorsbecause I am able to calm down and reroute my behaviors. I’m so glad this stuff exists. I don’t know how I survived before. I am eternally grateful. I have a solution! Before, my moods would leave me hopeless; my depression consumed me without a solution. Today, I know new peace because of Glori Blends CBD oil. Peace I never thought possible. Thank you!

January 23, 2018

Summer W.

CBD for dogs- tried and true for me!

My pup gets major anxiety in the car. Yesterday, he received less than half a dropper of the Sleep before our ride and I noticed a substantial decrease in his whining, panting and fidgeting. (He usually is up and down) He seemed content, laying in his crate, buckled in and safe for the 3.5 hour drive. I was able to relax knowing he was relaxed. Very happywith the result!

February 6, 2018

Casandra T.

I wanted to take some space to share my experience over the past week, utilizing Glori Blends full spectrum cbd nutrient support.

I have been lightly researching cbd brands for a number of months. I never bought a bottle, though I did consider some of the bigger names, like Charlotte’s Web… when I saw Lori Reyes DeSanti post her story I KNEW this would be the one- I had coached Lori, AND coached WITH Lori in the leadership program called Masterful Living, and our connection was powerful- I knew she was suffering from sleeplessness, and when I heard she was REALLYSLEEPING, I was floored.

Last week, I started supplementing with an Anti-Depressant blend. Early in the week, I plunged into an incredible stressful personal and business scenario- I needed to find a new venue for my flagship event, Florida Flow Fest (scheduled within 3 weeks) or change the date. I have been running this festival for 6 years, and I had hundreds of people to reorganize due to this sudden discovery of a significant problem with my main event venue. WHOA.

Here’s what I can say definitively- using this product as nutrient support allowed me to stay in FLOW and completely avoid dramatic emotional responses as the week unfolded. Yes, I had some trouble sleeping, but that’s to be expected. I was clear headed, focused, and cheerfully digesting this challenge, whereas otherwise I likely would have been a weepy, self-sabotaging wreck. AND I believe I made better choices than I would have if I were PURELY REACTING.

Thanks for this, Lori(Glori Blends) Let’s get it out there.

February 16, 2018

Itzik Z.

I have been experiencing a lot of knee problems and pain Within two hours of taking the first dose something was totally different…. I am completely fascinated with the quick results…and I am grateful!

April 24, 2018

Chhaya F.

From the PAIN one: After 1 hour great reliefto my back and neck. 1 dropper full. Impressed. Also relaxed which helps.

May 13, 2018

Marcello J.

We are humbled at the opportunity to collaborate with each and every one of you (The Glori Blends Team). Our intention is to delight you and to be of service to you – only always. And, we are committed to move all projects and initiatives forward with rigor and excellence.
We easily align with the consciousness of the group and also the product.
Speaking for myself, I can honestly say that in the last two weeks I have been taking the products, Dreamand Lucidhave revolutionized my life! I feel balanced and more adaptable than ever before.
So much so, that I been able to drop the medications I was taking. I am experiencing a completely new level of awareness and clarity. My sleep is sound and I am acutely focused. You can see my full testimonial here:
Thank you for birthing these amazing products and for nurturing this beautiful conscious company. I feel humbled, excited, and full of purpose about what we will create and deliver together.

May 14, 2018

Kathy C.

As some of you may know I have a love-hate relationship with my golf game. I struggle mightily with managing my anger at a bad or dumb shot and cannot seem to recover. I have worked for years to manage my reactions and control the anger that seems to overtake me and have essentially quit competing competitively because of it.

Just before Christmas I tried Lucid from Glory Blends and was amazed at how I was able to accept a shot that previously would have sent me spiraling into a funk. I’ve played 3 times while using this product and have a whole new outlook on my game and the possibilities this has brought back to a pastime that means so much to me and my wife. I have a wonderful tool that I will not be without whenever I play.

I am eminently grateful.

June 29, 2019

Shelly H.

Lucid is a magical potion ? that continues to help with my anxiety, depression, PTSD, and pain.  I have actually started reading more and I started to paint!?
Who knew !? I’m beyond blown away by how awesome I feel. Thank you so much! You guys truly have given me the quality of my life back… ? I am a stay at home mom and reducing my pain and anxiety to the point where I can function is super important to me so I can be the best mom to my child. I am a Marine Veteran and I would totally recommend this to anyone looking for hope with chronic pain, Huntington’s disease, fibromyalgia, and arthritis. I honestly cannot thank you guys enough. This past year even though it has been exhausting it is somehow manageable.

July 16, 2019